We can show you how we can take things off your plate!

We have studied successful businesses and understand the importance of delegating tasks that take up your precious time from growing your business. We go with the Motto, "whatever could be Delegated, should be Delegated".

Services We Offer:

Different packages are available contact us for details!

Customer Service:

To maintain a better experience with your customers on the Amazon Marketplace, Customer support plays an important role. We will provide your customers with an excellent customer service experience from beginning to end!

Our Service will not only reduce negative feedback, but it will also reduce returns.

Feedback Elimination:

Negative feedback can be detrimental to any Amazon business! we have a proven track record of getting tough feedback removed.

We will stay on top of every negative and neutral feedback, until its removed. (Everything is of course within Amazons Guidelines

Enhanced Images & Detail Page Content:

Are you selling Private Labels? We assist Amazon Sellers with listing optimization and photography below the cost of the competition

Just send your products to our photography studio in China and we will provide the main image, lifestyle images & infographic images for your listings.

Listing Compliance Issues:

Are you struggling with Product and Policy Compliance related issues? Are your listings getting suppressed or deactivated by amazon? Do you have issues sitting in account health that can potentially negatively effect your Amazon account?

If the answer was Yes to any of these questions, you came to the right place. 

Listings Creation & Updation

Product listings are the heart of an Amazon business. We will take care of creating/updating listings for your business and make sure it’s in compliance with Amazon’s policies! No more sitting on inventory because there's an issue with a listing:

  • Are customers complaining because of a misunderstanding in the title or bullets?
  • Does a bullet point need to be added or changed?
  • Do you need to add better/more images?
  • Do you feel an item can increase sales by making it a variation?
  • Are items that are constantly falling off the variations? 

Responding To Customer Questions On Product Pages

We respond to each and every question asked on your brand’s products page on your behalf. Responding to questions adds a level of trust that is crucial for a positive customer experience.

  • When a customer sees the questions being answered by the Seller or the brand owner, they feel more comfortable that the seller stands behind their products.
  • It also increases the Sales Conversion Rate of the items.

Stranded Inventory

Do you have items that are consistently falling into stranded and just don't have time to figure out why?

We will monitor your stranded inventory regularly and get the listings reinstated wherever required so that you don’t miss out on sales.

Customer Returns

We understand the hassle of dealing with customer returns, We will take care of certain aspects of customer returns on your behalf that can save you time and money. No more paying for unnecessary return shipping!

  • Is Amazon’s auto authorization of return’s costing you time and money?
  • Do you know you are paying unnecessary return shipping, because every FBM return gets billed to you?
  • Do you know which items have unreasonable return rates?
  • Do you know your return rate on each sku?

Ask us how we can take over your return process!

Preparing Shipments To Send To FBA

We will take care of your FBA shipment from start to finish. We’ll cover generating stickers, shipping labels to send your inventory to the Amazon fulfillment center.

About Delegate

We are an ecommerce marketplace management company that helps sellers on Amazon with their daily operational needs on the marketplace. We’ve got you covered from Beginning to end. We bring over 15 years of marketplace experience to keep your seller account running smoothly keeping marketplace compliance as our north star.


We treat our client’s businesses as they are our own.
We believe that effective communication is a key part of any good business relationship. Good communication builds trust between everyone involved.


We work to become an extension of your team. We are very proactive in our approach towards managing your business on Amazon.
We’re always on the lookout to find opportunities where we can help our client save time or money.

Challenge Driven:

We believe that challenges drive us. Our experience helps us navigate through those challenges.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us!

Working with Yossi and his team was extremely beneficial towards our Amazon Business. They took over many aspects of Amazon Seller Central for us. Yossi was able to customize our work together to meet our Business goals. They competently checked my Amazon Messages, Feedback and A to Z claims daily. Yossi was proactive in letting us know about any item related issue, and would advise us on how to quickly resolve the issue. He was so reliable, giving us the feeling that we are in good hands. His friendly personality made working with him an absolute pleasure, and game changer towards our Business. He’s a pleasure to deal with, a person of integrity, and is super-committed to making sure we meet our company goals. I’m so grateful to have found his website, and endorse his services. I would highly recommend him to anyone..
Moshe Weitman
Jay Imports/Director of Operations
I was a little Skeptical at first, but thanks to Yossi I not only got my amazon business super organized but he also got 100s of listings reinstated for me, and my Feedback is back up to 100%. I happily recommend Delegate to anyone who has an amazon business.
Abe Lichtman
Product Direction/Owner

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